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Blog Image: Should I Rent or Buy?

Should I Rent or Buy?

While homeownership has long been the American dream, buying a home is not necessarily the best choice for every person or every situation. There are many factors to consider in determining if a home purchase is the right decision for you right now. Can you Afford It? If the cost to own a home – mortgage, homeowners insurance and property taxes included – if less than roughly 28% of your gross income and you have few other debt obligations, you can probably afford to buy. Do not underestimate the additional costs of maintenance though. Replacing appliances or paying for a plu...

June 14th, 2018 | Purchasing a Home, Should I Rent or Buy?

Blog Image: Renee Morton featured on Houston Young Professionals

Renee Morton featured on Houston Young Professionals

Scene: Most Professional Networking Event/Happy Hour/Mixed Company Professional Gentleman: Hi, I’m Pete, what do YOU do? Renee Morton: I own my own Mortgage Company! Professional Gentleman: No, really…what do you do? ‚Äč This isn’t the first time Renee Morton, founder and CEO of Morton Mortgage Corporation, has been doubted. Frankly, she’s used to it. She knows it’s uncommon for a woman to own her own mortgage company, even in 2017. Never shy to back down from a challenge, Renee has been proving for years that competitive rates, exem...

August 3rd, 2017 Renee Morton featured on Houston Young Professionals

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