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About Us

About Morton Mortgage, Inc.

Morton Mortgage, Inc. is a Texas Mortgage Company. Renee Morton and her team bring the expertise of over 40 years to the closing table. They take great pride in offering competitive rates, exemplary customer service and great attention to detail to insure your home lending experience is the finest.


About Renee

Renee Morton is the Owner, President and CEO of Morton Mortgage Corporation. She is a mother of 3 and a native Texan who loves helping people and who is committed to excellence in her work and her personal life. She makes ongoing education a priority and is extremely active in the community she serves.

Renee is a member and currently serves on the board (Director of Programs & Arrangements) for The National Association of Professional Mortgage Women (NAPMW.) She is also a member of The Greater Houston Association of Mortgage Professionals (GHAMP) and the Houston Mortgage Banker Association (HMBA.)

Charity and “giving back” is very important to Renee and part of her Morton Mortgage Core Values. During the spring she volunteers her time with Habitat for Humanity and during the holiday season Renee sponsors and helps coordinate events for Child Advocates.


Renee's Story

A bad home refinance loan could financially ruin most people, but not Renee Morton. She’s not most people. Renee turned a bitter situation into a career opportunity…and eventually became the founder of one of the top-producing mortgage companies in the Houston area.

As a homeowner, Renee knows first-hand what it is like to feel ‘cheated and defeated’. Fresh out of high school and newly married, Renee and her then-husband bought their first home, a pier-and-beam house in Fort Worth, Texas. Renee spearheaded the purchase, but never once thought to consult with her parents for advice before signing the loan papers. Shortly after moving in, the newlywed couple tried to hook up the washing machine. Much to their surprise, they discovered the home had no plumbing. With a baby on the way, they were forced to move into an apartment all the while still paying the mortgage on the house; Renee now refers to as a “lesson learned”. Later, the couple learned the investor who sold the property had paid inspectors to write bogus inspection reports. The investors and other participants in the scheme were imprisoned for mortgage fraud.

Renee and her husband eventually moved to Houston due to a job relocation. They tried to sell the home, but every realtor refused to list it because of the issues. After two years of paying the mortgage on their empty home, Renee reached out to the mortgage company for help only to learn that they had been trying to reach her but didn’t have a forwarding address. Due to the circumstances, the loan had been forgiven by the mortgage company.

During this time Renee substitute taught in Spring ISD. After having her third child she went back to college for International Business. While in school, she worked as a makeup artist for Versace at Neiman Marcus. After two years, Renee decided to start a sales and marketing company, The Camille Picon Group. In a very short time, she assisted over 200 U.S. and European companies in the launch of their products in high end boutiques, national retail chains and grocery stores. Renee worked with numerous buyers from Kroger to Neiman Marcus. Wanting to help people, she flew to Hong Kong with Heidi Zwicky, the founder of the only product in the world that killed the SARS virus, to find a Chinese Distributor to Export Germ Wise to China from the United States. Renee’s business had become very successful, but it also required extensive travel around the country, forcing her to make family sacrifices.

Then along came another home loan fiasco. After her divorce in 2003, Renee was a newly single mother of 3 young children, ready to slow down and spend more time with her children. To help with her fresh start, she wanted to use the equity in her home to remodel it.  Renee entrusted her neighbor to handle the refinance loan, who was, after all- a loan officer. Instead, she almost ended up losing her home because of a poorly structured loan. Already considering a career change and being angered and appalled by her neighbor’s lack of knowledge and professionalism, Renee decided the timing was perfect to become a loan officer. She knew she could not only do a better job but could help so many others.

Renee became licensed in 2003. She converted a room in her home into a small office and got to work. Earning 100% commission and working too many hours to count- Renee was determined. After 3 months, the struggle turned into success. She received her first commission check after helping her mother refinance her home.

Renee worked for several mortgage companies and banks over the years, but like her entrepreneur grandfather, she wanted more. Renee had the desire to be independent with her own business. After surviving the volatility of the Great Recession of 2008 by teaching herself the front-end and back-end of the loan process; the only thing holding her back was fear.

Then one day in 2014, Renee opened an email from a client that read, “Fear is the devil’s way of holding you back from God’s blessings.”  The message was so empowering, Renee applied for a business license the very next day and launched Renee Morton Home Loans, Inc., now known as Morton Mortgage, Inc.

Setting herself apart and armed with a new loan product that many loan officers at the time didn’t want to handle, Renee took the time, took the risk and it paid off nicely. Renee called and emailed every listing agent she knew; educating her partners about this loan program and the value they could bring to their sellers. Before long, she was receiving as many as 20 calls a day. Business boomed quickly requiring additional help. Staff was hired- including her then 19-year-old daughter, Alexis, who is now the company’s Vice President.

As a master marketer, Renee grew her business through social media and by earning the trust of her clients, both of which have made Morton Mortgage, Inc. a powerhouse in the mortgage industry. In 2018, United Wholesale Mortgage recognized Morton Mortgage, Inc. as one of the top 1% Originators in the U.S., and in 2019, Expertise, a business review directory, named the company one of the 16 Best Mortgage Brokers in Houston. The most notable achievement is that, after five years as mortgage company, Morton Mortgage, Inc. is now a mortgage bank.

As growth continued, she was able to move out of her tiny 150 square-foot office behind the gates of a storage facility into a 960 square-foot building in an office park, with a new business name; Morton Mortgage, Inc. Today, Morton Mortgage, Inc. resides in a 1,500-square-foot office space with sleek, modern furnishings and has a well-qualified staff of seven. Renee says starting her own business is the scariest thing she has ever done, and she has no regrets; only anticipation about what good things will come next for her business.


“I never dreamed that I would be in finance and owning a mortgage company was never my plan, “Renee said. “I’ve come so far in such a short time and I believe that my success is only because of God. I’m extremely grateful for the people that choose us for the biggest purchase in their life and for the people that choose to work for my company.”

For Renee, it’s not about the numbers and closing loans. It’s about truly helping people and ensuring they have the right loan. She wants all of her clients – whether they are working with her or with one of her loan officers – to walk away with a blueprint to successful homeownership. Renee’s success is deeply rooted in her affable personality and infectious charm. She has a natural connection with people. When clients work with her they feel that they matter.