Home Warranty & Credit Repair

At Morton Mortgage our client relationship goes far beyond exchanging funds and signing on the dotted line at closing.  We strive to be an ongoing resource for you as a homeowner, client, and friend. This page exists to further educate you on ways to take care of your investment through Home Warranty and to achieve that goal of owning your own home by overcoming obstacles like poor or damaged credit.

Credit Repair

Please meet Harry Bradley with Legal Credit Aid.  When you apply online with Morton Mortgage and do not qualify for a Home Mortgage due to poor or damaged credit we don’t want to just turn you away. We want to refer you to the right person so that you can get your credit scores where they need to be, come back in a year or so, reapply and own your very own home!

If you find yourself needing help with Credit Repair please reach out to Harry at www.lcanow.com or call 713-419-7151.

Watch Renee Morton chatting with Harry Bradley about Credit Repair here


Home Warranty

Please meet Dallas Crawford, Account Executive with One Guard.  Information is power. We want to empower our clients and add value to your experience with Morton Mortgage. We all know the importance of Homeowners Insurance but do you understand the importance of a Home Warranty?  While both are important, your Homeowners Insurance is a temporary fix while your Home Warranty provides a permanent fix. If you are interested in learning more about Home Warranties please call Dallas at 713-870-0603 or email her at dallas.c@oneguardhw.com  www.oneguardhw.com 

We hope you find this information helpful and remember... Morton Mortgage provides you with a blueprint for successful homeownership!

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Home Warranty