About Us

About Morton Mortgage, Inc.

Morton Mortgage, Inc. is a Texas Mortgage Company. Renee Morton and her team bring the expertise of over 40 years to the closing table. They take great pride in offering competitive rates, exemplary customer service and great attention to detail to insure your home lending experience is the finest.


About Renee

Renee Morton is the Owner, President and CEO of Morton Mortgage Corporation. She is a mother of 3 and a native Texan who loves helping people and who is committed to excellence in her work and her personal life. She makes ongoing education a priority and is extremely active in the community she serves.

Renee is a member and currently serves on the board (Director of Programs & Arrangements) for The National Association of Professional Mortgage Women (NAPMW.) She is also a member of The Greater Houston Association of Mortgage Professionals (GHAMP) and the Houston Mortgage Banker Association (HMBA.)

Charity and “giving back” is very important to Renee and part of her Morton Mortgage Core Values. During the spring she volunteers her time with Habitat for Humanity and during the holiday season Renee sponsors and helps coordinate events for Child Advocates.


Renee's Story

Scene: Professional Networking Event/Happy Hour/Mixed Company

Professional Gentleman: Hi, I’m Pete, what do YOU do?

Renee Morton: I own my own Mortgage Company!

Professional Gentleman: No, really…what do you do?

This isn’t the first time Renee Morton, founder and CEO of Morton Mortgage Corporation, has been doubted. Frankly, she’s used to it. She knows it’s uncommon for a woman to own her own mortgage company, even in 2015. Never shy to back down from a challenge, Renee has been proving for years that competitive rates, exemplary customer service, and great attention to detail are just a few of her super powers. So sorry boys, but this mortgage superwoman has already landed on the scene and is now at the forefront of it.

The story of our mortgage superwoman, Renee Morton has very humble beginnings. Born in the small town of Gary, Indiana, Renee grew up idolizing her grandfather, Grandpa Morton. Despite being born in the depression and weighing two pounds at birth, Grandpa Morton was inducted into two Halls of Fame, invented the texture on the Fridge and even made it as a pitcher with the Chicago Cubs! Clearly, we can see where Renee’s superhuman traits came from. –“He taught me to be strong and go after everything and anything I want” says Renee.

The Lone Star State and the promise of new opportunities caught /Renee’s superwoman senses. She jumped into her superhero outfit consisting of red snake skin shoes and a self-designed dress, then promptly went on to beat out 19 other seniors in her high school class for a coveted position with Criminal & PI attorneys. She was soon a newlywed and young stay-at-home mother selling $120,000 worth of hand cream for Neiman Marcus. She continued to refine her skills, joining forces with upscale beauty brands Versace, Bobby Brown, Vincent Longo and Laura Mercier.

Never complacent, from 2001-2003 Renee launched and ran a successful sales and marketing company called, The Camille Picon Group (Picon after her great grandfather from Spain.) She was now working in partnership with beauty industry retail giants Neiman Marcus, Saks and Nordstrom. At the end of 2003 Renee continued her superwoman journey, caring for her 3 children while getting her mortgage license.

Renee worked in the mortgage industry until 2014 learning from all of the market’s ups and downs. She knew early on she wanted to start her own mortgage company, and after receiving an email from a friend that said, “Fear is the Devils way of holding you back from God’s blessings” she made her vision a reality, and Renee Morton Home Loans was born. In the past two years Renee has focused on maximizing her business model while living out her company’s mission. To reflect all of her progress and positive momentum, she is changing her company’s name to Morton Mortgage in 2016.

As you can tell by this point, a woman like Renee Morton is much more than just her business. She is very involved in the community with The National Association of Professional Mortgage Women (NAPMW.) The Greater Houston Association of Mortgage Professionals (GHAMP.) Houston Mortgage Banker Association (HMBA,) Child Advocates, and Habitat for Humanity.

Renee’s positive customer reviews prove that others are noticing her superwomen traits as well. “Renee is incredibly professional and will go above and beyond for her clients in terms of communication and attention to detail…”  says one of her many clients.

The story of our superwomen in the mortgage industry is far from over. Have not doubt; Renee Morton is here to stay, and here to give her clients the finest lending experience they can imagine!